Tangle-Free Conditioner Bar

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Tangle-Free Conditioner Bar

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Moisturize your hair after shampooing to achieve soft and  tangle-free locks. This fragrance-free conditioner has a slight hint of chocolate smell from the cocoa butter; no scents or perfumes added. Also great for curly hair because this bar doesn't contain silicones!

This is a palm oil-free, biodegradable, eco-friendly conditioner bar wrapped in parchment paper for plastic-free packaging. Vegan formulation. Self-preserving formula; let it drain and keep in a dry place after using.

Net wt. 50g

Instructions for hair:

Rub the bar onto wet hair after shampooing. Massage through hair and rinse as usual.



cocoa butter, behentrimonium chloride (from brassica rapa seeds), almond oil, cetyl alcohol (from coconut oil)