Soy Candle in Amber Jar (Mini)
Soy Candle in Amber Jar (Mini)
Soy Candle in Amber Jar (Mini)
Soy Candle in Amber Jar (Mini)

Saan Saan

Soy Candle in Amber Jar (Mini)

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  • All-natural soy and bees wax blend
  • Fragrance and essential oil blends
  • All-cotton wick
  • Refillable/recyclable glass jar
  • 3.3oz


  • No. 10 Kung Tag-Araw: Rekindle an endless summer, marked with sipping lemonades on the beach, surfing along the coastlines of Zambales or hanging on hammocks on hot summer nights. With the freshest notes of lemon, bergamot, sampaguita, olive and pine, this is summer in a bottle.
  • No. 05 Linen Room: Designed for the ultimate comfort of feeling home, Linen Room feels like you've just had a long, relaxing bath and now wrapped in fresh linens. Light it up and let the confluence of talcum powder, lavender and lime calm your mind and body.
  • No. 03 Patchouli at the Temple: Get transported to an ancient city of spring, fresh flowers and temple incense, and bring you a mood of calm and peace. With fresh notes of patchouli, bergamot, lavender and sandalwood. Imagine Kyoto in a jar.
  • No.33 Teahouse: Inspired by the refined allure of teahouses with their inviting warm lights, low tables, and slow rituals.
  • Like a mid-afternoon reset or an early evening nightcap, Teahouse fills the room with its invigorating and richly sensuous confluence of white tea, juniper, tobacco and bergamot.
  • No. 20: Shrine Hunting: If you're a Haruki Murakami fan, this candle is for you. Inspired by the town of Takamatsu in Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore, this explores the experience of the characters Nakata and Hoshino as they look for the "entrance stone," which they luckily found in Takamatsu. Explore shrines, popular and hidden, in your olfactive sojourn to Japan, with notes of bamboo, cedar and grapefruit.


  • No. 02 Baker St. of Poblacion: Stroll along a street dotted with good old panaderyaand enjoy the sweet aroma of freshly baked bread wafting through the air straight from the baker's ovens. With sweet notes of cream vanilla and cinnamon spice and then balanced by frankincense.
  • No. 39 Shimizu Island: Tour A is about to sail! Inspired by the bold color palette of tropical fruits served on Shimizu Island, our lunch stop on El Nido's Tour . Or maybe it's the color of the corals and this is the delectable interpretation of such pristine life under the sea. Who knows? With tasty fresh notes of cantaloupe, watermelon, papaya and kiwi, this turns the room into an island summer paradise any time of the year!
  • No. 36 Mindoro Coast: Inspired by childhood summer trips to the mountainous and coastal towns of Mindoro, island provinces off the southern tip of Luzon. This delicious scent instantly brings you to those early summer nights as you await dinner but whatever's cooking from grandma's near the sea has already reached your nose so the anticipation is torture! This candle has notes of coconut (a prominent produce of the island and a staple in the kitchen), orange and vanilla.


  • No. 07 Campfire: Inspired by a small gathering of friends around campfires in the mountain town of Sagada, this takes you back to a place where the cool air smells of pine trees and mint, and the moment feels like you can take on the world. With notes of pine, sandalwood, peppermint and cinnamon.
  • No. 18 Sierra: Commune with nature with our woodiest and most unconventional candle so far. Inspired by hike trails and walks in the woods, Sierra uncovers the dried earth, twigs and leaves under the eucalyptus tree. With notes of clove, pine, cedar, eucalyptus and vetiver.
  • No. 19 Old Manila: Inspired by the opening chapter of Noli me Tangere by Jose Rizal, Old Manila is our first foray into literature-inspired candles. It's an interpretation of Kapitan Tiyago's grandiose house on Calle Anloague in Binondo and, with intrigue, explores how it might have felt to live (and love) inside and around the walls of old colonial Manila town. With romantic and jazzy notes of vetiver, cedar and rose.
  • No. 15 Farm’s Cabin: Woodsy, with hints of citrus and spice, explore hidden wood cabins with this one. Enter a room stashed with sandalwood logs, before heading out to the clearing, walking barefoot on the grass. With notes of sandalwood, bergamot, vanilla, clove and cinnamon.

ALTERNATIVE TO: Non-refillable candles made of paraffin wax which emit toxic carcinogens in the air