DNA Repair Elixir
DNA Repair Elixir


DNA Repair Elixir

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Lana DNA Repair Elixir is your skin's best defense against pollution. This all-powerful and natural cell repair serum deeply hydrates, brightens and protects your tired and damaged skin caused by your everyday commute, environmental stressors, constant exposure to the A/C and unhealthy eating habits. Its superior breakthrough formulation also tightens your skin with a long term firming effect.


You are experiencing breakouts

Your skin feels dull and dry

You feel like your skin needs a little more TLC

You have dark and uneven spots on your face

- All-Natural
- Non-comedogenic
- Cruelty Free

Directions for use: Apply at least 2 drops onto face and neck. Use twice daily.

ALTERNATIVE TO: Non-refillable skincare products packaged in single-use plastic containers