What are your payment methods?

  • We accept payments through BPI or BDO bank deposit / online transfer.

Do you ship nationwide?

  • We ship nationwide! We ship within Manila, Laguna, Cavite, and Rizal via Lalamove twice a week on weekdays then via LBC on weekends to the rest of the areas within the PH. We will explore other courier options soon that will accept plastic-free packages to make delivery more affordable for everyone. <3

Can I pick-up my order at Bean & Yolk cafe?

  • Yes! Just send us a message through the chat box at the bottom of your screen and settle payment at least a day before you need to pick up your orders at the store.

Do you ship plastic-free?

  • We reuse post-consumer materials such as newspaper, boxes, and paper bags to pack orders in. Fragile items are wrapped in Ranpak Geami wrap and/or cardboard scraps and secured with paper tape. Paper scraps are then re/used to label packages. We reuse all kinds of boxes so please bear with us if our packages do not look consistent or aesthetically-pleasing or "Instagrammable". All for Momma Earth, right?
  • While we do our best to reduce waste, please take note that we still use bubble wrap in packing fragile items bound for provincial areas in compliance with LBC's shipping policy. The staff at LBC do not allow us to ship fragile items wrapped only in Ranpak Geami Wrap because if a product breaks or gets damaged, they will be responsible for shouldering the costs. The bubble wrap we use comes from packages we receive which is so much better than buying new bubble wrap. We highly encourage that you reuse the wrap instead or stuff it inside your eco bricks!

Can I purchase refillables online?

  • We temporarily removed our refilling station at the store for health and safety reasons. Thank you for understanding!

Do you accept rush orders?

  • We would appreciate it if you become patient with us as we are a one-woman team! Only one person fulfill and packs orders, brings packages to the courier and coordinates with customers and riders on top of managing social media pages and answering inquiries and e-mails. Thank you very much for your patience! <3

How can I be a part of your store and offer my products?

  • Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a brand partner! However, we do not have any room left for new products at our physical store (it is quite small and cramped already if you saw it in photos). As for our online store, right now, we have specific products that we're looking to add to our line-up which we already have brands in mind to tap for.

Why do you sell products that are made of plastic despite advocating for the environment?

  • While we do promote refusing and reducing the consumption of plastic, we do not disapprove of the mere material because we cannot deny its outstanding durability. What we do not support is the excessive production and consumption of it. Plastic, when used mindfully, can save lives, make lives better and easier, and help us reduce the waste that we make daily. All the products that we offer that are made of plastic are guaranteed to last for years and years and can help us lessen a significant amount of waste from ending up in our landfills and oceans compared to their disposable counterparts.